Cambridge First Certificate (B2)

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Intake: B1+                               

Expected level: B2 +      

The course is designed for intermediate/upper intermediate level students or higher (B1+). It will help students make progress in the four skills, especially writing and speaking.

Duration: Minimum 1 month (16 hrs)  + 4 free mock exams     

Fees:  €10 per hour       

(all materials and matriculation included)       

Course Schedule   

(please contact us for more details)      

The course focuses on all four skills tested by the exam. However, we provide focus on the areas which are most difficult for students to practice and assess in their own time. Speaking and Writing techniques are taught in class and practiced under exam conditions in our weekly mock exams.

Students learn to identify the types of questions in the First B2 test and how to tackle them for the best possible band score.

You will analyses in detail the structure of the First B2 writing test, learning the key structures and phrases that are used in the different writing assignments. Technique on how to assign planning and writing time can then be practiced in the weekly mock exam to make sure you pick up the most marks possible on the exam day

We provide essential grammar knowledge that will help students in all areas of the exam, not just the reading and use of English papers.

We believe building vocabulary is essential when improving you English level quickly, especially when you are not resident in a native English speaking country. Therefore we work on ways of improving your vocabulary bank around the typical topics seen in the First B2

By sitting our weekly mock exams, you will understand all tactics and techniques of how to answer the different types of questions in the First B2 exam. You will be able to go into the exam room knowing how to pace yourself properly, make educated guesses to the questions you don't fully understand, as well as how to prioritise and order your answers to ensure you don't lose any marks unnecessarily. 


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